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10 Silly Things About Courtney

Hey friends! Thank you for reading me and sharing my potion making, word writing self. Since we’ve gotten past the horoscope phase, I thought maybe you might like to get to know me, just a bit.

1. I grew up showing dogs, like in Best in Show. I began learning alternative medicine and veterinary medicine when I was 9, to help her support our dogs’ health.

2. I have one sister and she is the most amazing person I know.

3, I have FIVE cats and one horse, so I am alll about pet health, nutrition, and longevity.

4. I am an attorney married to an attorney. So we need twice as many oils as most couples.

5. I love old movies. 1939-1965 is my time period. Although 20s and 30s are amazing too.

6. I don’t drink. I do essential oil shots.

7. I love reading and am going to start sharing books on the blog.

8. I am literally learning all of the website building and social media marketing on the fly. Some ideas tank.

9. I am a Scorpio.

10. I live for slang

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