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Hello to YOU, 2019

I've had the great privilege of digging into my life in the #beautifullifelab for the last month. It's been a practical dive into personal development, looking at home I spend my time, where I focus, and where I can increase efficiency and automation to create more pockets of time for inspiration and deep focus. 2018 was a challenging and scattered year, and I really wanted to regain some discipline and focus in my life. And part of creating that space is holding the vision for what I want to Achieve with the focus and discipline.

Speaking of, have you tried #Strengthsfinder2.0. Because I am obsessed! A fairly long online test tells you your 5 top strengths. The book is based on years of research that people achieve when they play to their strengths, not try to combat their weaknesses, which was such a breath of fresh air after years of bashing my head as a lawyer trying to improve in areas where I lack talent instead of breathing life in the areas where I do.

And turns out, one of my top five strengths is ACHIEVING. So visualizing what I will achieve through discipline, consistency, efficiency, and focus is a huge motivator.

Looking at these images may mean nothing to you, but to me, it conveys building a creative and free life of my own design, flying and whimsy, but grounded with tea and books and yoga and cats and things I love.

What do I do to achieve this discipline and deep focus? Rigorous attention to designing my day and week. Proactively choosing where to spend my time and attention. Which takes a lot of introspection, and is frankly quite UNCOMFORTABLE, but still ... it's good work looking at your life with honesty and thoughtfulness.

How are you approaching 2019?

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