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It's a Good Thing

God, I love Martha Stewart.

Okay, okay, maybe you don't love this 90s and 00s housekeeping icon. But I do. And the holy grail of all things Martha, is the "Good Things" section of MSL magazine. These are "quick and easy home decorating ideas, hacks, and tips that instantly upgrade your house and help to elevate the everyday." -- Martha Stewart Living -- and I loooovvvveee them. My first apartment to my current house use her repurposed wine bottle as a dish soap bottle. Her scarf and hat rack grace my closet.

I love "good things" because they embrace the moment and create little pockets of beauty in my home and life. It's another way to live holistically, to feel connected to the food that you eat, the rooms that you clean, and the home that you live.

So many times when people start to clean up their lives and their diets, they leave this lushness behind. Their food gets very plain. Their ingredient list is small, and the attention to beauty that can help us FEEL satisfied is gone. Everything becomes very basic. But green living INVITES creativity. I mean, think of all the magical ways you can store bulk goods. Save money, live green, and express who YOU are.

But it doesn't HAVE to be. Small things, like apothecary bottles for your cleaning concoctions, fun or pretty tea cups, wine glasses, or mason jars for your smoothies, juices, and teas can brigthen it up. A jar with fresh herbs can make your kitchen smell and look lovely and REMIND you to flavor your food.

Adorable little labels on your bulk foods, and other attention to details that make your pantry LOOK inviting, helps make cooking FUN and soothing.

Even setting the table simply but with a little sparkle can make your food taste better.

And these twee jars with flavored overnight oats? OMG!

So yeah, this is a HUGE part of yippie living. Green food and living but with all the dashes of whimsy, beauty, hacks, gadgets, and upcycling I can find.

Yippie living. It's SUCH a good thing.

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