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Make and Take Box?!?

One of my favorite kinds of oil workshops to teach is a "Make and Take."

It's super fun, and interactive, and people can leave with an oil rollerball blend or four - for immune support, mood, skin, kids, hormones, you name it. People interact with oils, chat, maybe sip some tea, and create blends. They can use one of my recipes, or they can free style it. All they pay for is $10 for 2 rollerballs, $20 for five, everything included. Because it's a what?

A make and take.

Here's the problem. I'm a 42 year old lawyer. With mid-40s lawyer friends (also my awesome gang of yogis and friends from all the things). No matter what my friends do, MOST of them have kids. And like a million social obligations. So hosting a class that takes precedence over last-minute Fox tickets, or a sick baby, or a freaking UNPLANNED night (I feel you), Or they are working one job, and building their side hustle and want to share support back and forth, but don't have the time to put on good makeup and shoes that match their leggings.

Meaning they are like me!

But I want to give people who might want 3-4 other oils to diffuse regularly, and then make things they want as the issues who come up.

Some people don't want three boxes of perfectly organized essential oil bottles.

No, seriously!?!

I mean, they want nothing to do with that life. But they love to try a new rollerball or blend. Like this one!

And I've been thinking on this for a few weeks, trying to find ways to make online make and takes work, so that it's giving me some income (sorry kids, Mama has to eat!) but giving them an awesome deal and way to have new oil blends!

Then I took a shower and used these eye masks I got in a quarterly beauty box and .....



oh wait. So here's my idea. I'm still working on it, so I would LOVE feedback.

Monthly oil boxes for $25 (including shipping), which includes everything you need to make and take four or five rollerballs/bottles, including carrier oils, essential oils, bottles and other ingredients (like epsom salts to soak up the left over oils and scent your bath).

You could buy them monthly or you could buy them as a package, and then have all access to an online group for recipes, tips, oil information, and new product info.

I'm hoping to maybe partner with one of my sister witches @FeelPrettyWithMe on insta, so that you can "Look Good and Feel Good"

So. Make and Take Boxes. What do you think?

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