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MYL Capricorn Blend

Let me begin by saying this one has been a challenge. I have several really good friends, and my best friend, who are Caps. I know the oils they love, but I wanted to find the blend that would help balance them, particularly during super focus work seasons. I also wanted to acknowledge the inherent "sea goat" nature in the Capricorn women I know.

Let's see how I did.

Key Oil: Vetiver

Oil Blend: Cypress, Lemon, Sandalwood

Capricorn is the 10th house sign in the astrological wheel. It is depicted as a goat, usually with a curling fish tail. The goat is a persistent climber, logical and methodical outside with deep feelings running through a sensitive inner landscape. They are soft inside but with a hard determined exterior shell. Being an earth sign, Capricorn has a special relationship with nature. Time spent outdoors in nature is never wasted time.

Capricorns work hard at everything they do. They are disciplined, serious, responsible, ambitious, rational and determined. Goats are motivated in both their careers and their social standing. They tend to be trustworthy and loyal because they understand innately the value of a good reputation. Caps want security and consistency, and will work diligently to attain a comfortable life style with a good income. Capricorns love to be in charge, and usually are quite good at it. They are a pro at examining all sides of a situation. Although considered the loners of the zodiac and loyal to a fault, they are fun when they let loose and live a little.

Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, the Lord of Time, the serious teacher who presents challenges and gives opportunity for introspection and concentration. Knowing that everything takes time, Capricorns work hard to build things that will last, or to release their karma in the evolutionary process. Often one’s greatest talent is also the greatest liability. The goat is a hard working, sure-footed climber. But the fish tail alludes to a connection to the water, symbolic of emotions. Always trying to move up in the world, these goats need to have an unshakable sense of self and faith in their own power. To support a healthy sense of self, Capricorn needs to honor her sensitivity and embrace the energy of the nurturing force that sustains life, the need to retreat into quiet relaxation to recharge the soul. Achievement satisfies Capricorn deeply, except when it is won at the expense of her own feelings— or those of others around her. Capricorns may like to imagine that they do not need others, but alas, whether or not they realize it, this is not the case. If they do not acknowledge their feelings, sooner or later these suppressed emotions will emerge most powerfully, perhaps as health issues. Best, then, to honor them before they become a problem. Capricorn is responsible and cautious, but can be too pessimistic, focusing on negative aspects of a situation to the point that she is blind to the opportunities available. Because they're so driven to succeed and constantly thinking about the future, it can be hard for Capricorns to let loose and really be themselves. Saturn rules the bones, and Capricorns have to be careful of their joints, especially the knees. Knees often reflect fears of moving forward.

Vetiver essential oil is perfect for soothing the perfectionist in Capricorn, as its stimulating properties can help remove blocked energy and open one up to new ways of thinking. Vetiver relieves mental exhaustion and reduces muscle pain, which can supercharge your stamina as you contemplate difficult choices or encounter everyday stressors. Vetiver is best for Capricorns to help them relax, rejuvenate and revive an overworked mind while combating the signs of negative health issues of broken bones, skin issues and stiff joints. Many Capricorns will use Sandalwood essential oils to help them combat the signs negative health issues of broken bones, skin issues and stiff joints. Sandalwood helps the ever-active Capricorn relax as well as strengthen bone cartilage and improve acne prone skin.

Burnout that comes from over-work and over-dedication to a task can be eased with sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, lavender, chamomile, melissa, marjoram, bergamot, lemon, petitgrain and jasmine.

Essential oils to help one re-connect with one’s emotional needs are jasmine, peppermint, vetiver, rosemary, basil, melissa and helichrysum.

Oils to encourage belief in oneself and help one see beyond negativity are bergamot, clary sage, grapefruit, rosemary, chamomile and cypress.

Essential oils that can help to bring them out of their internal emotional world over-laid by a hard shell are cedarwood, rose, geranium, helichrysum, and cypress.

Essential oils that help alleviate swelling and stiffness from the knee joints are eucalyptus, camphor, tea tree, cypress, ginger, lavender, rosemary, lemon, juniper and pine.

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