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Okay, so before we get started, I have to admit that my sister is a leo. While I have a bunch of friends who are leos, my sister owns all the leoness. Naturally shy (like many leos), it takes her a bit to open up to people. But don't mistake her silence for lacking an opinion. And when she gets super quiet, well, you're ****ed. But I did write this for all the leo girls out there. Who doesn't love all the leo energy??

Let's get into it.

Key Oil: Rosemary

Oil Blend: neroli, black pepper, frankincense

Leo is fifth in the lineup of the zodiac and is a fixed fire sign of positive polarity. Leo’s symbol, aptly enough, is the lion and its motto is “I WILL”. Being a fixed sign, Leos are not easy to change. The fire aspect points to their passion and dedication to an ideal. Leos are ruled by the Sun - the center of our solar system, and as such, Leos believe they are the center of the zodiac world. The stereotypical Leo loves being in the limelight, making an impression and holding court. However, there are many non-stereotypical Leos who may feel alienated by this widely circulated description of their sign. So, even though many Leos parade about with the stereotypical gregariousness and conviviality, other Leos are quiet or even shy, allowing their self-awareness to breed self-consciousness. What unites Leos in their Leo-ness is, like the Sun, the desire to shine and be recognized as important. Every Leo needs to be in touch with their passions, with that creative generator, that inner Sun in the heart, that radiance. Leos want something to be proud of and they crave the feeling that comes with being praised, respected, and admired. Without it, a Leo’s confidence implodes, and he withers on the vine.

The Lion is the king of beasts. Leos like lions, are strong, fearless, have great stamina and fierce loyalty. They enjoy being treated as royalty and rule their kingdoms with a sense of fairness, companionability and a fun-loving spirit. They couldn’t be happier than holding court from an opulent throne, rich in colors of purples and gold, and surrounding themselves with an entourage of stimulating, idealistic people. The Leo king rewards his subjects richly and can be very generous, warm-hearted and even wonderfully romantic. The sign Leo has an affinity for children, and Leo adults have a unique ability (and vital need) to reclaim childhood and play. Like a pride of lions, the family structure is very important to the Leo; children are fiercely protected, rambunctiously played with and abundantly loved. There is a generosity of spirit that prevails, making Leos sought after by friends, colleagues and lovers. The Leo’s sense of honor is keen (wicked even) and their devotion to fair play and righteous behavior is number one. They are not deceptive or under-handed in any way; rather these lions are up-front, centered and courageous in owning their beliefs and actions.

If you have ever watched a kitty at play, then you know what Leo on the prowl is like. Intensely passionate when interested, in relationship Leo wants to love and be loved. Romantic and adoring, Leo will charm and amuse, and wow you with gifts and praise. Be sure to return the compliment, as sincere praise from the heart brings out their best and can easily reanimate a sulky Leo. Do Leos make good long-term partners? That depends in part on the individual. Are you with a lion or a cub? Lions are warm and generous, honest and honorable, loyal and willing to fight for you. Leo cubs are drama queens (even the males). They cast you as the co-star in their movie and hate it when you don’t follow the script, or even worse, upstage them. They stir up problems just to get that romantic “charge.” The cub enjoys the thrill of the hunt, but may move on to fresher prey as soon as it becomes available.

Rosemary essential oil would serve the Leo energy well, with its complimentary spicy aroma that nurtures the overall energy of the body. This sign rules over the heart, the back, and spine, which means that people born in this sign have a tendency toward back pain and circulatory issues. Rosemary is often used to dispel lethargy and fatigue due to its stimulating actions and to keep the mind focused. If you're feeling frustrated, dilute the oil and apply it to the soles of your feet for fast absorption. Those who like the aroma are often people who are multi-taskers and have a spirit about them that people seem to notice, very much like the fire signs Leo. Those born under the sign of the Leo are often prone to experiencing back problems as well as heart related issues. The essential oil of Rose has been utilized by many Leo because it works as a vasoconstrictor for the heart and offers muscle relief when the back is in pain.

Essential oils that support a sense of regal presence and allow for openness are rose, neroli, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, carnation, sandalwood and true melissa.

Essential oils that encourage the Leo’s benevolence of character and boost the generosity of spirit are cypress, lavender, geranium, chamomile, cinnamon, and frankincense.

A weak or challenged back can also plague the poor lion. Oils that can help alleviate a sore back are eucalyptus, melaleuca, lavender, ginger, juniper berry, lemon, black pepper, peppermint and rosemary.

Oils that can keep the lion’s fires burning are black pepper, clary sage, jasmine, neroli, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang and cinnamon.

Essential oils that enhance a Leo’s career capabilities are coriander, ginger, helichrysum, jasmine, melissa, black pepper, narcissus and frankincense.

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