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Real talk about Gut Health & Mood: A sneak into a MYL spOIL group

So you know I run these monthly spOIL groups. Maybe I've even emailed or messaged you about one. And your thinking, what is the point of this group. I can just try some oils and see what I think, and decide. And for sure, you can, but let me share some of what we are talking about this month in MYL spOIL group - Gut Health, Inflammation, Focus and Skin.

Here is a post from the group, where are talking about the connection between gut healh and mood.


xoxo Courtney

We know there is a strong link between mood and gut health, but traditionally, the medical community has seen it as a one way street, where our mood can affect how our digestive system works. We haven't really stopped to ask, until the last few years, does my digestive health affect my mood??


Yes it does. Your "gut" (intestines) produce or activate most of the seratonin in the body, along with other important enzymes and hormones that regulate both mood and digestion. Prolonged stomach discomfort can negatively affect our natural seratonin and mental health enzymes and hormones.

How? The science is all over the place. So right now, if you look for why your IBS is creating all of these mood issues, you will get six answers. Maybe eight.

So a lot of what I do to support my gut health is because I have significant stomach/digestive issues most days without enzymes and a probiotic. Incidentally I notice that on days when I feel light on digestive issues, my mood is lighter too.

Take this with a grain of, your probiotic might help you more that prozac, but right now that is a hypothesis.

So that cinnamon bark in your coffee, or that probiotic you took before bed might be the reason you're suddenly cheerful after months of being kinda grouchy.

For me, it shows up as focus. When I experience less stomach discomfort/regularity, I have less brain fog, less scatterbrain anxiety, and an increase in multitasking and strategic thinking.

Which then makes sense, because many of the oils I use for focus, I also use for gut health or inflammation.

Which brings me back to lemon, wild orange, peppermint, and lavender and cinnamon bark in my coffee.

Do you notice a connection between your gut health and mood?

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