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Things that are Awesome about April for the Oil Girls

My garden looks like something out of Edward Scissorhands, except there are big bunches of green poking through the skeletons of creepy summers past. But we have not had more than one nice day in a row, so everything is flooded. Also freezing. Unless it's raining, then sometimes it's warm.

Welcome to Missouri Weather. I am truly a summer girl, which is weird because I sweat alot and keep the AC cranked, but it is by far my favorite season.

But it's April, and so let's be grateful for a few things:

1. Doterra's Oil of the Month and April Promos!

If you already have a doTERRA account and place a qualifying order, you get a free breathe! 200 point order and you get deep blue oil and rub. This one is huge for me because I have an injury and inflammation in my SI joint. The oil really targets the bone and joint pain and the rub calms the muscles so I can do PT and stretch. Finally, TriEase is the genius combo of lemon, lavender, and peppermint I shoot every morning to help my sinuses. If oil shots aren't for you, then try these.

2. MYL's April spOIL group!! We have an amazing group of people trying 8 new oils and discussing a different health topic every week. While the group starts tomorrow, I will totes send you oils and let you in. Prizes, oil samples, and loads of education.

3. My wife and horse share a birthday this week. Which means a good visit at the barn and delicious food for dinner. Which is good because I begin a massive 30 day cleanse on April 5. This will not be a happy time for the first 3-4 days, but I know after that, I am going to start feeling WAY better. Updates on cleaning out the pantry and coping with stress eating!

4. New doTERRA products!

I am obsessed with the brevi diffuser (I got one at Christmas time) and really curious about this new oil blend. You can buy both the oil and the combo. I will report back once they arrive, but special offers tend to sell quick in doTERRA land, so if this excites you, give me a shout.

FINALLY! An oil lozenge for digestion. Ginger and Lemon is one of my favorite combos. I cannot wait for this to show up!.

I absolutely LOVE doTERRA's balance deodorant and don't experience any sensitivity with it. but I DO want to try this one because the oil blend is amazing.

Y'all know I love the Yoga Blend, created by my yoga guru and hero Elena Brower. NOW you can buy each oil separately. I think it's slightly cheaper as a set, but I love Arise so much I go through it was faster than Align and Anchor (although I often choose Anchor over Balance). So I'm excited to buy the oils as I want and need them and not just when I finish the entire kit.

5. My seedlings are growing! Who knows if I will end up at the nursery to buy starter plants, but for now, I have like 12 viable tomato seedlings, more broccoli, lettuce, and peppers. SO exciting

6. I'm almost finished with the horoscope line of rollerball and difuser blends, and will keep sharing them here.

7. After the Horoscope line, I have a rockstar new series of blends I am putting together for all thinks superwoman support. I'll give you a hint, the first one is called Smash the Patriarchy and it's available in my store. The next one is Girl on Fire.


April may be starting off slow, but I am excited about a lot of new adventures this month.

xoxo Courtney

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